Wedding is a special celebration which lasts up to a lifetime. And there could not be anything better than a wedding ring which serves as an epitome of commitment, love and trust between the two partners. Since 11th century, the ritual of exchanging wedding rings has been practiced with utmost excitement and passion. And one Asian country vehemently follows this tradition of wedding rings. Well, you guessed it right; it’s none other than China.

A Peek Into The World Of Chinese Wedding Rings
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If you are planning to organize a wedding event or party, then it is advisable to take help of professional catering company to make your event, a memorable one. It is very important to approach the right wedding caterer to make sure that all the catering requirements for the event are carried out in the best way.

Wedding Catering - 1

If you are planning to organize a wedding event or party, then it is advisable to take help of professional catering company to make your event, a memorable one. It is very important to approach the right wedding caterer to make sure that all the catering requirements for the event are carried out in the best way.

Taking help of professional caterers for your event means you are assigning them the most difficult jobs. The best thing about hiring these services is that it will remove your stress and worries related to food arrangements for wedding event. They will take care of food and drinks and you can give your concern and focus to other important tasks related to the event.

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Let us discuss about some of the major reasons as to why you should consider the services of professional catering company for your wedding event:

1.   Experience – A professional catering company which is into this industry for long time might have encountered and dealt with all types of obstacles and might have got their services finely tuned to offer the best catering services. For this reason, it is advisable to always approach professional catering company no matter whether it is a wedding event or corporate gathering.

2.   Resources – Professional catering companies are equipped with all the required resources to fulfill catering requirements for wedding party or any other event. They have the catering equipment required to serve food efficiently and elegantly to your esteemed guests. Their inventories comprise of trays, utensils, buffet items, tables and other items required to carry out the catering job.

3.   Organization – Coordinating with food segment of wedding event requires lot of work. Catering company takes care of all prior arrangements related to meal times for the wedding event. Their staff of caterers supervises everything from food, menu, cooking variety of dishes, dining set-up, breakdown and guests!

4.   Diverse Menu Options – Another benefit of hiring professional catering services is the range of menu options offered by them. Catering businesses usually offer variety of menu options for every event or party. Their menu options generally include breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, desserts, beverages, salads, sweet dishes, etc.

5.   Clean-up Services – Besides food and drink services, professional caterers also do provide cleaning services after the event is completed. They have a separate team comprising of insured cleaners who clean up the site.

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Thus, for the above mentioned reasons it is very important to consider services of professional catering company so that your event is organized in the best manner.

Author Bio
Bency George has been drafting articles on catering business for 7 years. He has his own catering business and serves to varied food demands of people in the best way. In this post, he lets us know about why we should consider hiring services of catering in Brisbane for any wedding event or party.


You and your h2b have no doubt put a lot of thought into your first dance song, but one of your most important pieces of wedding music is the processional. It’s the piece of music that will be playing when your groom first lays eyes on you as a bride, and what will play as you walk down the aisle towards him. If you’re determined to get his lower lip trembling, then you need that music to be emotional – here are a few of our suggestions for processional songs that will have him feeling overwhelmed!

Processional songs guaranteed to have your groom in tears

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If you and your h2b are lovers of literature, then fiction is a great place to look for your wedding readings. We’ve gathered six of our favourite wedding readings from books to inspire you!

The most romantic wedding readings

The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach
A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.

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All of us intend that our wedding day leaves unforgettable impression upon our friends, relatives and other people that attend the reception ceremony. Candidly, we have been dreaming about our wedding day and have also been preparing for the same. To make others impressed in a glamorous manner about our wedding, following tips can help us to stand differently in terms of unique arrangement, fun, food and other features that suffice to make our wedding day a piece of unmatched attraction.

  1. Advance planning – Planning for our wedding day in advance helps us a lot to have long lasting impact upon the participants. A reception coordinator and the DJ people are the persons that are helpful in making the wedding day a glamorous event. Select a prominent DJ service provider that will be there to entertain the guests. Ask him or her to select the lovable songs and other soft music that touches the hearts. Blacklisted music should be avoided. The reception coordinator will take note of all the tasks that are required to be accomplished for the wedding day. The timing for the first dance, cake cutting and lighting of candles etc should be scheduled in a feasible manner and the same are organized well by the experienced reception coordinator. Reliable friends and relatives can also help much in this regard as they can reach the venue in advance to ensure that everything goes well.
  1. Fun Play list – Lovable and apt music is the first choice of the guests. Many of them love the oldies while Conga or electric slides may prove somewhat cheesy. However, Cha Cha could be the preferred choice of the old people that too love fast music.  Same way, the youngsters should also be considered while asking for any music.

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  1. Unique table cards – Extraordinary table cards are much helpful in attracting the guests that feel pleased with the well designed ones. Use of the best song names instead of numbers are more heart touching for the tables while addition of poetry is another milestone to enchant the guests at the wedding reception. Numbering the tables with the playing cards is another good strategy to hypnotize the wedding participants most of whom love Hearts suit. Labelling the tables as the prominent places worth travelling is another way to impress the guests.
  1. Impressive photo sessions – Ordering for sparklers for the unique photo sessions for your guests is the best strategy to facilitate their memorable photographs instead of paying big dollars for a photographer. Your wedding album gets enriched with such photographs worth seeing in future.
  1. Open Bar – This unique arrangement will add much to your wedding reception that will be remembered for many years by all participants. Most of the people take wine at the auspicious occasions, particularly the wedding days. Dancing with the memorable tunes of good music and lovable songs after few pegs of good wine makes the guests to relish greatly at your wedding day reception. Open bar is a unique way to attract the friends, relatives and other people that come to congratulate you on your wedding day. It gives equal opportunity to the guests to have their fare share of alcohol according to his or her individual taste and capacity.
  1. Dances – It is recommended that you have a glance at YouTube to learn some basic steps of lovable dances as taking the dance lessons may not be feasible for you. Your participation in the dance with your would-be life partner is a matter of great pride for all guests and relatives. So, do not hesitate to mingle with them during the dance sessions at your wedding ceremony.
  1. Apt transportation - Hiring the suitable wedding car and other means of transportation counts much towards your wedding ceremony that must set an example for others. Your would-be spouse and you would be travelling in an attractive wedding car that must be hired from the prominent companies, e.g. Wedding cars London; famous for their reliable fleet of wedding cars.

To be candid, your can win your friends, relatives and others at your wedding day by taking the above steps that make your wedding reception an unforgettable event.


Plan your West Coast of Mexico Honeymoon

If your idea of the perfect honeymoon or wedding involves an ultra romantic setting, minimal planning and affordable amenities, allow us to introduce you to an exceptional travel provider that’s definitely worth knowing about, Apple Vacations! Couples who plan and book a trip with Apple Vacations will have their travel arrangements taken care of, will be put in touch with an experienced wedding planner who will help coordinate the day of their dreams, and will enjoy great promo-code discounts for groups as small as ten guests! From travel arrangements and legal requirements, to great ways to save (and even a bridal registry!), you can sit back and relax while Apple Vacations takes care of it all! Sounds pretty amazing to us!

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It’s a sad day when such a talented photographer ups sticks from the UK and moves over to sunnier shores… well it is for us anyway, you guys down under are in for a treat! Wedding photographer Linzie Russo is a half Aussie, half Scot babe who was born in Iran and has spent most of her life travelling the world! For the past three years she’s called Glasgow home, but has recently made the decision to move back to Sydney in dire need of some nicer weather!

Linzie Russo: Win your wedding photography

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Not everybody wants the ‘classic white sandy beach, azure blue swimming pool, hot sunshine, and cocktails at sunset’ type of a honeymoon. We take a look at some of those over-looked destinations that might not have a tropical climates but can still get you hot under the collar.

The lovely Lake District

5 favourite cold-climate honeymoon destinations
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If you are currently planning your wedding – congratulations! Amongst all of the money saving and meticulous planning of seating arrangements and food menus, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking of ways to make your reception or evening party exciting and unique.

The reception is your chance to put your own stamp on your wedding, and it’s an opportunity to create a night that all of your loved ones will never forget. So if you need some inspiration for your own wedding party, here are some to get you started:

Wedding Entertainment - 1

Create a carnival atmosphere

Weddings don’t have to follow the old, stodgy norms. Who says it has to be a wedding breakfast followed by speeches and some dancing? If you are getting married in the summer, why not turn your outside space into a carnival fair? You could bring in fairground rides, ice cream vans, sweets and candy floss stalls to keep the younger ones happy. And if your venue allows you could even have an outdoor music stage to keep your guests entertained throughout the day and into the night.

Bring in a magician

Magic has become really popular in recent times, with stars like David Blaine and now Dynamo making magic tricks cool and interesting again. It’s more than possible to hire a magician for your wedding – they can go from table to table in between courses of your wedding breakfast, or be around to entertain your guests at your after party. After a couple of drinks, there’s no way they won’t be amazed at the tricks they will be able to do.

Celebrity look-a-likes

You may not be able to get the actual celebrities you admire to attend your wedding, but you can certainly pretend you can. There are many agencies that can send look-a-likes of your favourite musicians, sports people or other famous faces to attend your wedding reception. Your guests will double-take as they walk past David Beckham or Kate Middleton and Prince William mingling with your Aunts and Uncles, and this is bound to be a talking point for months afterwards.

Wedding Entertainment - 2

Fireworks and lanterns

If you want to create that lasting memory you can finish your night with a bang with an awe-inspiring fireworks display. Alternatively, if you want something a bit quieter or are restricted with the noise you can make at your venue, you can gather your guests to release some fire lanterns up into the night sky. You’ll be able to see them drift on up for miles into the air, creating a magical experience for everyone.

Comedy photo booth

With Facebook and Twitter now in all of our lives it’s more than likely that you have seen someone posing with a group of friends in a comedy photo booth. These can be hired in to your wedding, with props and all to help you create some hilarious photos of your guests. The pictures become wilder as the night goes on and the drink flows, and it’s a guaranteed way to get people to remember the occasion.


Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Hence, deep down there is certainly a desire to capture every moment which unfolds. The idea on such instances will be to hire a photographer. There are plenty of them, but if the occasion is an Indian wedding, then one may need a bit of specialization. On such instances, one may need to hire an Indian wedding photographer. Here, too there is no need to worry much. Indians are located all over the world. Hence, one is bound to run into photographers, who are experts in covering Indian weddings.

In this age of internet marketing contacting an Indian wedding photographer is no big ask. Now it is after all, a once in a lifetime event. Hence, before appointing someone it is essential to focus on quite a few issues. Let us now closely look at some of the issues, which need focus before actually appointing someone for the d-day.

The focus should be on experience:

An Indian wedding involves plenty of traditions. Hence, the focus should always be on experience while appointing an Indian wedding photographer. Is the particular photographer well aware of the traditions involved in an Indian wedding?  The idea will be to get involved into this bit of detailing. After all, one will certainly not relish any important event being not in a frame. The secret on such instances will be to go for someone of Indian origin. He will be aware of the traditions involved in the wedding.
Indian wedding photographer
Check the work:

Going for experience is fine, but it is equally essential to check the work of that particular Indian wedding photographer. Most photographers have a gallery section on the website. One can always go through that and check the quality of work. Do the photos have a natural feel? One should learn to dig deep into these issues. A wedding is something more than mere rituals. It is about separations and accepting new families. Hence, one can always check on whether they capture something more than rituals. Look for someone who can mix with the guests and capture all the joys and sorrows associated with the event.

The quotes also need attention:

Now once the quality issues are addressed people in search of an Indian wedding photographer need to focus hard on the quote. Actually similar to any other program, it is essential to plan for any wedding. The first stage of planning is to prepare a budget and one must try to stick to it. Even if the finances are a concern, it should not be a worry. One will certainly run into plenty of names offering quality work at a competitive price structure.
People who are slightly confused regarding, which Indian wedding photographer to opt for, can always seek references. Asking near and dear ones for references is certainly not a bad idea. Moreover, one can always browse into the testimonials, there on the website. It gives views of people who may have at some stage hired there services. One can certainly gauge the level of work efficiency through these testimonials.

These are some important issues, which someone keen on hiring any form of wedding photographer needs to keep in mind. A photograph created by a quality photographer goes the distance. Years later, it presents a perfect opportunity to go memory lane and revisit all those gone by moments, which are no more today. The style of working for any Indian wedding Photographer is more or less similar.  Once one has contacted them, they prefer to have a sitting with the customer, trying to identify areas of personal requirements. Based upon that, they chalk out a perfect course of action.


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